Best Dumbbell Racks Reviews

dumbbell rack If you are serious about building your own home gym, purchasing one or two dumbbell racks should be at top of your to-do list. These racks will keep your dumbbells well stored for easy access.

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To choose the best dumbbell rack for your home gym, the first thing you should care about is the size of the rack. If your home gym space is limited, you can buy several small ones to place at each corners of the home gym. If you have enough room, a big or medium should be your choice since one big rack is cheaper than 2 small ones.

Other things you need to consider is the design, some racks are designed to make it easier to store and access the dumbbells. The material and construction of the rack are also very important, you need to make sure it can hold all your dumbbells sturdily and strongly. And of course, you want your it to last for years.

Top 4 dumbbell racks for your home gym

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32L x 14W x 22H
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Top 4 dumbbell racks reviews

XMark Three Tier XM-3107

best dumbbell racks

I consider this is the best option you can buy for your home gym. And you can check the reviews on Amazon, many other people have the same opinion about this dumbbell rack. It receives a nearly perfect review score.

This rack is of medium size, 53L x 21 W x 32H inches. With its three trays, it is able to hold more than 12 pairs of hex dumbbells ( more than 800lbs) sturdily and strongly. It is, in my opinion, the most affordable for the capacity.

The angled design of this rack is another strong point, it makes it easy for you to store and access the dumbbells. The ridges are also just high enough to hold the dumbbells so you wont get your fingers pinched between the dumbbells and the rack.

The rack is very well constructed. The frame is made of heavy-duty 14-gauge steel and is baked on scratch resistant powder coat finish so you can expect the rack to last long with even heavy use. And to protect your floor, the feet of the rack are covered with tough skid resistant. Although this rack doesnt have a warranty like many other products, I strongly doubt you will ever need it.

Another thing you will love about this XM-3107 rack from Xmark is that the shipping package is very secure. They even used two boxes to protect the rack when delivering it to you. Assembling this rack is quite simple as well, you just need a wrench and it will take only around 20 minutes.

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Body Solid GDR60 2 Tier

the best dumbbell rack

This is what you should buy if you want a long, wide dumbbell rack for your home gym. The size of this dumbbell rack from Body-Solid is 62L x 23W x 32H and with its 2 trays, it is able to hold a full set of one pair each 5 to 50lbs hex dumbbells.

Although the rack has only 2 trays, the trays are set quite high compared to other racks so you don have to bend over much to store and access the dumbbells. Two trays are also angled out so it is very easy for storing and accessing the dumbbells.

And just like other high quality dumbbell racks, GDR60 is very well constructed. It is made of heavy gauge steel with 4-sided welding. My friend had put over 800lbs of dumbbell on this rack and it still stood strongly and sturdily. And the manufacturer even gives you a lifetime warranty for this rack so you can buy it with confidence.

Just like other products from Amazon, shipping and packaging for this dumbbell rack are decent. Assembling this rack is also very easy, you just need a simple hex wrench and everything will be done within around 30 minutes.

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Apex Deluxe 3-Tier

Apex Deluxe 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Apex Deluxe 3-Tier could be a great choice for you if you are looking for a high quality small size dumbbell rack. The rack comes with three tiers that will fit most common dumbbell sizes and styles. It is constructed with a heavy duty steel frame with a powder coat finish, so you can be confident that all your dumbbells, no matter how heavy, will be held sturdily on this rack. The frame is made of heavy-duty, two-by-two-inch steel tubing with durable welded construction. It also has a finish for scratch resistance so you can be sure that it will last for years in your home gym. And to back up the claimed quality of the rack, the manufacturer also gives you a 2-year warranty, but I think you will not ever need this. I have tested the rack myself and it could hold up to nearly 700lbs of dumbbells easily, and I believe it could still handle even more.

Apex Deluxe 3-Tier dumbbell rack has a very innovative design. The 3 levels are in different angles so you can access and organize your dumbbells easy. And it also helps you save the limited space in your home gym. The listed assembled dimensions are 36L x 22W x 33H inches but actually they are 36.5 x 24 x 32, but the difference is negligible. Inside the box, you will find rubber coverings for the feet and the corners of the rack to protect your floor and the rack as well.

Assembling Apex Deluxe 3-Tier dumbbell rack is also very easy. All you need is a single crescent wrench and everything can be done in within 30 minutes.

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Powerline PDR282X 32-Inch 2-Tier


Powerline PDR282X is a small dumbbell rack that is suitable to hold up to 4-5 dumbbell pairs. It has a traditional design with the trays are set at an angle for you to access and store the dumbbells easily. However, because of the small and short size, you will have to bend over a little bit to access the dumbbells.

What makes Powerline PDR282X a great dumbbell rack is its quality. The rack was made of heavy gauge steel with four-side welded construction. From my own experience, the rack can hold up to 4 pairs of 60lbs dumbbells easily. So it is a very solid and sturdy dumbbell rack. For user safety, all the corners of the rack is deburred inside and out. The only problem is that the feet dont have the covers so perhaps you will need a pad underneath it to protect your floor from scratches. And to avoid scratches for the tray, you can tape around as well.

Over all, if your home gym does not have enough space for a long, big rack, Powerline PDR282X can be a great option for you. You can buy multiple of them and arrange they along the narrow walls. This will be very efficient to save your home gym space.

Shipping and handling for Powerline PDR282X are decent. And assembling the rack is pretty easy as well. You just need a normal wrench and it will only take around 20-30 minutes. The price is reasonable for the size and material quality of the rack.

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